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“Wake Up To A New Car Look Every Day”

Do you want to protect your car from scratches and keep it looking newer for longer? Benefit from our paint protection service for your high-end performance vehicle or daily driver.

Our experts will install a clear paint protection film (PPF) made from polyurethane on the car’s exterior panels. It’s invisible to the eye and backed by a warranty of up to 10 years. We are the leading installers of PPF in New Jersey. Our highly trained team also has extensive experience in the application of other films, including vehicle graphics.

Even a New Car Needs Paint Protection

The moment you receive your car from the dealer and drive it on the highway, you start exposing its exterior to rock chips, corrosive particles, road debris, and the elements.

Damaged paint may devalue the value of your car faster and even force you to seek paint correction services down the line. Waxing your car is advised, but waxes are not very tough, and detergents erode them during washes. Most ceramic coatings will only last for about 3 to 5 years.



Why You Need to Hire Experts for PPF Installation

Installing a clear bra is an involving process because the films must be custom cut to match the schematics of the body panels. Depending on the present condition of your paint, our experts will also need to perform paint correction.

It’s vital to have access to a high-quality plotter for the plotting and cutting process. Specialized applicators and accessories are needed. It also requires a significant time investment.

Paint Protection Film Coverage Options

Our PPF installation team offers different coverage options to meet your budget and needs. There are three basic options for this service:
● Front-end protection: Which parts of your car are most at risk of damage from road debris? They include the bumpers, headlights, fenders, hood, header & nose panels. Front-end coverage targets these high-impact areas.
● Front-end + additional panels: This covers additional parts of your car that are also highly exposed to road debris. You can even specify the options you want. But we mostly include the front doors, side mirrors, rear fenders, and tailgates.
● Full-body coverage: It provides full protection for all exterior panels and surfaces of your car. It's much more worthwhile if you can afford it.


Top Benefits of Paint Protection Film

● Impact protection: The film is up to 8-mm thick and offers superior protection against various types of impacts, including door dings when you're parked side by side.
● Chemical protection: Bird droppings, mineral deposits, dead bugs, and other corrosive substances may cause chemical reactions that lead to paint discoloration. The film acts as the best line of defense.
● Protects and adds value: The PPF film may be removed at any time restoring your car's new look since the painted surface below will not be damaged in any way by scratches.

Assured Quality and Satisfactory Service

Work with the best PPF installation team. We can accommodate your needs and even offer after-work installations.

Our customers enjoy the best selection of materials and high-quality applicators for long-lasting results. We work on all sorts of cars, from high-end supercars to trucks.