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A color change wrap is a cool way to give your ride a new look without the commitment of a paint job. Using a fully removable self-adhesive film, we cover as much of the existing paint color as possible to completely transform your vehicle from one color to another. There are hundreds of different colors and finishes to choose from when you're looking to color change wrap your ride, and we have samples of all available wrap films in store. As professionals, we'll offer you advice on how you can successfully change the colors of the vehicle, but we'll listen to any modification you want on your cars. The most vital factor to note is that there is a stage the vehicle reaches, that it is ready to have films applied. We trim down the vinyl to suit each panel, rather than wrapping the full side in one go, we cover each group separately for better coverage.

Easiest way to customize the look of your vehicle is with vinyl vehicle wrapping, and the Graphic Installation Team will wrap virtually any size vehicle in any way our clients ‘request. Graphic Installation Team professionally installs vinyl’s with the highest quality materials at the lowest price range with life expectancy of 5-8 years vinyl depending. For a fraction of the cost of paint, one can choose to wrap their vehicle for as long or little as one desires. Graphic Installation Team also offers the very popular Matte Wrap for your vehicle with quality matte wraps that will turn your vehicle into a high- end unique design.

Our company works with industry leader wrap providers like 3M,Avery Dennison,Oracal etc. Please Contact our Installation specialist for possible color options.


3M 1080 Series


Avery ColorFlow Satin Urban Jungle | SW900-786-S Wrapped by AD

How to Care Vehicle Wrap Film

Like most additions to your vehicle, applying vinyl is not a one-and-done process. Regular upkeep of your Vehicle Wrap Film will keep it appearing fresh and maintained. Here are the instructions on how to clean your vinyl and what to avoid.



How to Clean

● Hand washing is ideal.
● If you cannot hand wash your vehicle, use a brushless car wash.
● Rinse off the top layer of dirt and grime.
● Use hot, soapy water or other wet, non-abrasive solutions with a soft sponge to wash your vehicle.
● Be sure to keep the pH balance of the cleaner between 3 and 11.
● Use a squeegee to dry and prevent water marks.

What to Avoid

● Scratching, scrubbing or any use of abrasive tools that can cut the film.
● Harsh chemicals and brushes.
● Parking near trees, shrubs or other objects that can scrape your vehicle.
● Waxing and polishing matte, satin, carbon fiber, straight fiber or brushed metal finishes.



Difficult Contaminants

● Bird droppings, tree sap, bugs, pollen, etc.
● Spot clean and soak with hot, soapy water.
● Rinse and dry.
● As a last resort, use isopropyl alcohol.

Gas or Fuel

● Immediately wipe off fuel with a rag.
● Wash, rinse and dry, same as general cleaning.



How to Store Your Wrapped Vehicle

Proper storage of your wrapped vehicle is vital to preserve the film’s durability and color. Vinyl can degrade from prolonged exposure to the sun and begin lifting from acidic weather patterns. Here are simple steps for protecting your car:

● Store in a garage or shaded area.
● Protect your vehicle from rain that may contain acidic properties.
● Use a cloth or cover if garage storage is unavailable.
● Immediately have a professional remove the film to avoid staining on the car’s paint if your vinyl starts to turn brown.